Please fill in details to Enroll at Lekki British School!


NB: You are required to inform us if any of the details given on this form subsequently change. It is our intention to communicate by email as much as possible during the entry procedure, so please provide an email address which will be checked regularly and advice us immediately of any changes. You will be asked to supply further information nearer to the time of our assessment.

Parents living overseas will also be asked to nominate a guardian for their child before admission to the school.


This will not be done without your consent but must be done before the candidate attends or takes examinations.


How did you find out about Lekki British International High School?

I / We request that the candidate be registered as a prospective pupil. I/We understand that the standard terms and conditions of the school will undergo reasonable changes from time to time as circumstances require and will apply in all our dealings with the school. Offers of places are subject to availability and the relevant admission requirements of the school at the time.