Learning and Development

  • The Lekki British Pre-School programme is adapted from the curriculum guide for the United Kingdom Foundation Stage. Learning and assessment is organised into six main areas of learning:

    Personal, social and emotional development

    Communication, language and literacy

    Mathematical development

    Knowledge and understanding of the world

    Physical development

    Creative development

    It is a well planned and resourced curriculum that provides opportunities for all children to succeed in an atmosphere of care and high self-esteem.

    At Lekki British Pre-School particular attention is paid to the monitoring of each child’s progress through Teachers observation and regular consultation with parents. Parents are encouraged to share their knowledge and views of their child’s development and raise any concerns to ensure that the children are making progress. This is to ensure that difficulties in any area of their development are quickly identified and addressed. It also helps to celebrate achievements.

    At LBPS, well planned and purposeful activity play cannot be overemphasized as we know children learn and grow better with enjoyment and challenge. Just like LBJS, the Pre-school LBPS aims to provide a safe, friendly, attractive and secure environment where respect for each individual, irrespective of colour, creed or gender, permeates the school life.


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