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INTER-HOUSE SPORTS WEEK - Lekki British School


    Competition in its best form is a test of self. It has nothing to do with medals. The winner is the person who gets the most out of themselves.

    – Al Oerter

    The inter-house sports week was a delightful spectacle culminating on the 10th of March for the High School and 17th March for the junior school. The March past opened the day with the school houses proudly displaying their paramilitary skills to the cheering crowd. The CEO and special guests of the day received the salutes and gifts presented by the houses.

    The races commenced after the March past amidst cheers and encouragement from parents, students, and other athletes. The parent and staff races were highly entertaining with the students pleasantly surprised at the strength and speed displayed by their teachers and parents.

    Other events included the sack race, parent-staff tug of war, football, swim competition, cheerleading, and dance. There was a high level of competition among the students of each house, however, the Blue house came out as the overall champion with Red house and Green house coming in a close second and third respectively for the High School and Yellow house dominating the scoreboard for the Junior School, with Blue house coming in second and red house third.

    The day ended with the special guests awarding the winning houses and students with medals and cups. The Heads of School applauded the sportsmanship and encouraged the continuous display of team spirit and determination.

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