Meet The Principal


    Mr. Ben Greyling 

    With extensive and diversified experience of more than 35 years in the education industry, a comprehensive training and educational foundation and an exemplary career at leading national and international organizations, Mr. Ben Greyling possess the required skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to the achievement objectives and goals.

    He is a confident negotiator with the ability to compellingly convey the message at hand to all levels of stakeholders, both internal and external. With a team oriented style of management, and excellent interpersonal skills, he places a strong emphasis on high work quality, timeliness and accuracy of work. He believes all stakeholders should be involved to analyze, strategically plan, manage and motivate actions to achieve immediate and long-term goals.

    Mr. Greyling is a strong believer in teamwork and through this medium, successfully plans and co-ordinates complex operations. With the support of management, staff, students and parents, he creates a caring and educational atmosphere where students and teachers have the opportunity to fulfill their potential through intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological growth. Meeting the individual needs of every child and encouraging the unique gift each student has been blessed with, is of paramount importance to him.


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