Admission to High School

  • As an international school we are proud to provide the highest possible standard of education to our students, enabling them to compete in an increasingly competitive global environment.

    The need for us to maintain this standard demands not just that teaching methods are appropriate to the needs of our students but that those students, in turn, are able to demonstrate that they have the potential or ability to achieve the levels we require. Admission will not be based on ethnic, religious or social grounds.

    As many students transfer from various curricula, prospective students are required to take an entrance examination. We also conduct an informal interview with the student which forms part of the overall assessment.

    Admission is at the school’s discretion and the school’s decision is final. However, unsuccessful applicants may apply again at a later date if they believe they will perform better at the entrance examinations.

    The school’s objective is not to arbitrarily exclude students but rather to select the most suitable applicants based on the school’s assessment criteria including the prospective student’s academic performance and potential. Only if a student fails to show basic understanding, or shows a lack of potential will they be refused admission.



Date: December 2nd 2017, February 24th, April 21st, June 9th, 2018

Venue: Lekki British School


Date: February 10th, April 14th, June 9th 2018

Venue: Bereton Montessori School & Montessori International School


Date: February 10th 2018

Venue: NLNG School


Date: February 17th, May 19th 2018

Venue: Evergreen School


Date: February 17th, April 28th, June 9th 2018

Venue: Start-Rite School


Date: February 17th, May 12th 2018

Venue: Cavendish School


Date: February 17th, May 19th 2018

Venue: Startrite Model School


Date: February 24th, 2018